Thank you letters from Connor

    To Omori family

    Ichiro, Ayako, and even Rentarou I received more kindness and favors than I probably deserved and for that I'm grateful. It was short on both ends but I enjoyed meeting up again. I enjoyed going to Hentona high school and seeing how different it was from my own high school I graduated from. I always enjoyed talking with everyone. The food was always delicious and the room always cozy. I probably become an obstacle a few times but I'm glad you helped me. ありがとうございました!


    To Kinjo family

    When I first arrived I wasn't feeling well at all, but I quickly healed with your hospitality and encouragement. Despite my shyness at first you welcomed me all the same with delicious food, chatter, and games. I'm very glad we got to spend this time together and I thank you for all you did for me in food, care, and chatter. Your island is truly beautiful and it's a rare opportunity for a foreigner to visit, so thank for housing me. I got to see lifestyles much different than the one i'm used to living or seeing around me and that helped broaden my horizons. If anyone wants to or plans to come to America, by all means I'd be delighted to host you. I hope we meet we again in the future! あらぐふがらっさゆう!<−与那国語


    To Schools

    Thanks for allowing me to visit your small yet unique schools. Everyone was open to help me and some even wanted to talk or learn more about me which I appreciated. Some of the Principals and vice principals were interested enough to chat with me one on one which I valued. We talked about Yonaguni culture and language and what it means to them and their peers. I got to hear many opinions, thank you very much. Also, the students were very welcoming and accommodating to a clueless foreigner with poor language skills. They always accepted me and included me which I appreciated. I enjoyed getting to know and/or meeting everyone! Thank you very much! Even the little kids were fun to see. It was my first experience with little kids and I think it helped me grow a little bit as far as how to play/act with little kids, thanks.


    To Volunteers

    Thank you for the car washes, donations, and acts of kindness to send an American student to Japan. I or anyone else would not have not been able to visit such a beautiful and unique place without you guys. Without this volunteer work I probably wouldn't have been to come to Japan until after I graduate college or as a foreign exchange student, so I'm deeply grateful for it. In the future I hope I can return the favor somewhat by participating in volunteer work myself. Thank you very much!


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